Monday, August 11, 2014

Riddim n' Spice at Tomato Arts Fest

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Riddim n' Spice at Tomato Arts Fest

The folks at Riddim n Spice food truck were serving up their Caribbean tacos on Saturday at Tomato Arts Festival. They're still working on securing a brick and mortar location in Five Points, where the Edgefield restaurant used to be. If they can get it going, it will be a great fit for East Nashville. The smoked jerk chicken taco is a fun combination of lively flavors and fresh ingredients. Caribbean salsas go especially well in a taco. They also have a vegan version with seitan. The Veggie Eater loved the sweet heat with a strong after burn. Grilled corn and kidney beans go well on tacos.

You may know the Riddim n Spice family. Mom, Ouida Bradshaw, owns Jamaicaway at the Farmer's Market. Her son, Kamal Kalokoh, runs Riddim n Spice. We hope the foray into a permanent spot works out. Having another veggie friendly restaurant in East Nashville would be great. In the meantime, follow the food truck on their web page and connect to Twitter and Facebook feeds.

And a note of congratulations to the Tomato Arts Fest organizers. It was much bigger and even better this year. We especially enjoyed the beer zone street. Tomato Arts Fest is one of Nashville's best festivals.


Anonymous said...

Note to all: The Riddim n Spice truck was not a registered vendor of the Tomato Arts Festival. Instead they sat at the very edge of the event. And "Paoched" the event, stealing customers from the vendors that paid to be at the festival. Poaching is illegal, in every business, not just hunting.